Forte Della Casa Dell Acquario is our topmale from our F litter born in september 2014, out of the combination Bella Della Casa Dell’Acquario x Kaos de Tierra de Boxer.

JHD Enter 04 

Forte in Arslev Denmark Best in show

Forte’s health results; Forte is doppler tested Hart 0 (AS 1.63 m/sec, PS 1.54m/sec, hartrate 84, Aorta 21.6mm) HD B  Adult Spondy 0!

Fortes DNA Profile is available.

Forte is best Dutch male boxer at Atibox 2015 Jungstenclass brindle 2nd in finals Judge Franco Marzo (it)

Forte has BH and IPO 1 and Endurance.

Forte is official Champion Bulgaria and VDH Champion

Off course Forte is available for mating june 2018 his 4th litter will be bourne. For further information please contact us by Phone 0031620973310 or Email

IMG-20151113-WA0005 Atibox 2015 mei 02

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We visited several shows with this beautiful male in Germany Denmark and the Netherlands showing him to a lot of judges all these judges are very positive about his appearance.

You can find his pedigree on; and at the bottom of this page.

Show results Forte;

March 22 2015 special Boxershow Osnabruck Germany Judge Inge Gerwin (D) puppyclass males 1st place very promising

April 19 2015 Special Boxershow Ahlen Germany Judge Uwe Werner (D) puppyclass males 1st place very promising

May 30/31 Atibox 2015 Boxer worldchampionship Judge Franco Marzo (it) jungstenclass 2nd place in the finals Atibox vice champion

June 6 2015 Special boxershow Arslev Denmark Judge Margot Egeblad jungstenclass 1st place Best male puppy best boxerpup in show

June 14 2015 Jahressieger Nederlandse Boxerclub Judge Torrents (esp) 1st place in class Best male pup in show Best boxerpup in show

August 29 2015 Varde Denmark International Dogshow Judge Skauntsjaer (DK) youth class 1st place very good

September 6 2015 Young boxerday Enter Holland Judge P Roosenboom (B) 4th place youth class excellent

September 12 2015 Danish Jahressieger Judge Oliver Erat youth class males excellent Championquality point Danish boxerclub

september 13 2015 Special Boxershow Hvidovre Denmark Judge Alx Palacin (esp) youthclass 1st place excellent best young boxer in show+CK

september 20 2015 Youngboxershow Lelystad (NL) Judge Wieldraaijer 1st place youth class best male in show 2nd best boxer in show

oktober 24 2015 International dogshow Hannover Judge Beate Spelsberg 2nd Place very good reserve cac

November 29 2015 International Molosserdogshow Den Bosch Judge Bispo (P) youthclass 3rd place excellent

April 24 2016 Fruhlingspokalshow Vienna (A) intermediate males brindle 1st place Judge Beate Spelsberg (D)

Mai 22 2016 Atibox Rogla Slovenia intermediateclass Male brindle Judge Oliver Erat (A)excellent last 8 in the ring

June 12 2016 Jahressieger Dutch Boxerclub workingclass brindle Male 3rd place excellent Judge Beate Spelsberg

June 26 Special Boxershow BK Aurich (D) working Class Brindle Males 2nd place excellent Judge Nicole Runge (D) res CAC

July 30 International Dogshow Bremen Working Class Brindle Male 2nd Place excellent Judge E Deutscher (A) res CAC

July 31 National Dogshow Bremen Working Class Brindle Males 2nd Place excellent Judge Ralf Brinkmann (D) Res CAC

December 10th 2016 National Dogshow Kassel (D) Workingclass Males Brindle Judge Berndt (D) excellent 1st place with Anwartschaft

December 11th 2016 International Dogshow Kassel (D) Working class Males Brindle Judge Heidelberg (D) 1st place Excellent

December 18th 2016 Christmas show Gorinchem (NL) Workingclass Males Brindle Judge Mevr Lafleur (NL) 1e place Excellent.

March 17 2017 Dogshow Rijnland Hazerswoude (NL)Workingclass Males Brindle Judge Dupas (Fr) 1e place excellent res CAC + Res CACIB

18 maart 2017 Spezialzuchtschau Osnabruck (D) Workingclass Males Brindle Judge Inge Gerwin 3rd Place Excellent

Mai 20th 2017 Europasieger Dortmund working class brindle males 3rd place excellent Judge B Muller (D)

Mai 26 2017 Jahressieger Slovakia Championclass 4th Place excellent Judge Arne Haugen (N)

Mai 28 2017 Atibox Slovakia Working class Excellent Judge Viktor Shuhan (Rom)

August 5 International Dogshow Bremen Championclass Male Brindle 1st place Excellent Anwarstsch VDH CH and Anwartsch BK Munich Judge Brinkmann (D)

August 6 National Dogshow Bremen Championclass Male Brindle 1st place excellent Anw VDH DT CH and BK Munich Anwartschaft

August 26 Boxershow Denmark Hvidovre Gr Islev Judge J Spicera (CZ) Championclass excellent.

August 27 Jahressieger Denmark Hvidovre Judge J Sucy (CZ) 5 place excellent.

September 30 Dogshow Rostock Judge Nicole Runge (G) championclass Brindle Males 1st place excellent Anwartschaft German VDH Champion

November 25 Boxerspecialshow Viborg Judge Travnikar (Serbia)Denmark Workingclass Males 1st place excellent CK and res BHK Danish champion

May 11th International Dogshow Dortmund Champion Class Brindle Males Judge I Gerwin (D) 1st place excellent + Anwartschaft VDH Champion

May 13th Europasieger Show Dortmund Champion Class Brindle Males Judge A Hartmann 4th place excellent


Pedigree Forte DCDA;  Document Forte

JHD Enter sept 2015 excellent 4th place judge Rosenboom (B) received_10206409413167634