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Julia started her showing carreer in 2018

Atibox Malmo May 2018 Puppyclss Brindle Females Judge Alvaro Rios Izguerdo (E)4th Place very promising

Clubmatch june 17th puppyclass Brindle Females 1st place Judge Lafleur (NL)

Sept 1st 2018 International Dogshow Bremen Judge Brinkmann Puppyclass Brindle Females 1st place very promising

Sept 2nd 2018 National Dogshow Bremen Judge Deutscher Puppyclass Brindle Females  2nd Place Very Promising

Nov 16th 2018 Bundessieger Dortmund judge Wolf (D) Youthclass  brindle females 3rd place excellent

Nov 17th 2018 National Dogshow Dortmund judge Fiechter brindle females 2nd place excellent

dec 15th 2018 Winner Amsterdam judge Roskam (NL) youthclass females 3rd place excellent

dec 23rd 2018 Christmas Show Venray judge v Montfoort youthclass females 1st place Excellent best youth boxer

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Atibox 2015 mei 02 received_1599907653618632

Forte DCDA                                             Faith DCDA

received_1599907703618627 FB_IMG_1437378164393

Alcantara von Laguna Blue

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