On this page you can find our previous litter, at the moment we have no puppys available, for information about our breeding, feel free to contact us.

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A-nest Sascha van Jupet’s Manor (HD A Hart 0) x Tsahr vd Hoevensehof  (HD A Hart 1)

March 2009

kleine huisjes 025  sascha 05

kleine huisjes 045  kop

Fred's foto's 002  Fred's foto's 003

Fred's foto's 013 Fred's foto's 023

5 females 1 male

B- litter

Upon Della Cadormare (HD C Hart 0) x Multich Cyrius de Bellemanie HD A Hart 0 Ipo3)

Oktober 2010

cyriuswebsite  floortjewebsite

B nest 1  batista zit

Bruno zit  IMG_3367

IMG_3370  Fred's foto's 023

2 Males 2 females  2 yellow 1 brindle 1 white

D- Litter

Upon Della Cadormare (HD C Hart 0) x Jack Daniels van Rusticana (HD A)

January 2013

floort Jack 05.08.2012 - Nastia 2

20130213_192232 20130213_192248

20130213_192337 20130213_192425

20130216_092857 - kopie

20130118_124915 20130214_205408

4 pups 1 brindle male 2 brindle females 1 white female


Hearts of Hopes Imagine Iowa (HD A Hart 0 2 x atibox finalist) x Multi ch Rus la fler Kalashnikov (HD A Hart 0 ipo1)

Juli 2013

celeste pak 2013 - kopie  IMG_3566

Imagine Iowa

JCH__Rus_La_Fler_Kalashnikov ssIMG_3917

Rus la fler Kalashnikov

Eusebio Della Casa Dell'Acquario IMG_4145

IMG_4158 IMG_4166

IMG_4453 IMG_4457

IMG_4537 IMG_4542

IMG_4547 IMG_4548

IMG_4556 IMG_4558

IMG_4561 IMG_4166

8 puppys 4 females 1 yellow 3 white 4 males 3 yellow 1 white


Bella Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Hart 0 HD A Ipo V) x Ch Kaos de Tiera de Boxer (HD A hart 0)

september 2014

Afbeelding1 Kaos top 2

Bella top 2 Faberge DCDA (4)

Faberge DCDA Indy Faith DCDA

Faye DCDA (2) Flavio DCDA (2)

Flavio DCDA (3) Fortuna DCDA (3)

Fabiola DCDA (2) sized_IMG_1929

sized_IMG_2155 sized_IMG_2166

Faberge DCDA (2) Faberge DCDA (4)

Fabiola DCDA (4) Faith DCDA (3)

7 pups 2 males brindle 1 female brindle 1 female white 2 yellow females.

G- Litter Alcantara von Laguna Blue x CH Olympico’s Messi d’Esglai

FB_IMG_1437378164393  FB_IMG_1437378314837

FB_IMG_1451393716837  FB_IMG_1451393699938

Stamboom G nest Annabel x Messi

Pictures G Litter puppy’s;

20160205_151131 IMG-20160205-WA0005 IMG-20160205-WA0006 IMG-20160205-WA0007

Relaxing sleeping eating

IMG-20160206-WA0003 IMG-20160206-WA0004 IMG-20160207-WA0002

Nursing nails clipping

20160205_151448 20160207_121902 20160207_121931

Child visits to socialize

20160225_130058  20160228_195747



IMG-20160229-WA0016 IMG-20160229-WA0015

IMG-20160229-WA0021 IMG-20160229-WA0015 IMG-20160229-WA0017

Eating barf

IMG-20160224-WA0008 IMG-20160227-WA0000 IMG-20160228-WA0004

IMG-20160228-WA0006  IMG-20160228-WA0007

eat play and sleep

IMG-20160229-WA0008 IMG-20160227-WA0006

R & R

IMG-20160227-WA0002 IMG-20160227-WA0006 IMG-20160229-WA0010

Images of the G litter at 7 weeks.

11940688_10209234245880969_708897279_n 12421404_10209234246160976_224003145_n 12442700_10209234245960971_368622621_n

Giulia Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Bella)

12498997_10209234245680964_1329926596_n 12884538_10209234245760966_1409188639_n

12421299_10209234246960996_1405964815_n 12596428_10209234246800992_1086550521_n 12476557_10209234246760991_1878917691_n

Guido Della Casa Dell’Acquario

12421303_10209234246320980_707368634_n 12443137_10209234246400982_2056175093_n 12476074_10209234246560986_1982424113_n

Giorgio Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Hidde)


12325145_10209234246480984_1128892606_n 12516474_10209234246680989_3395774_n

Gina Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Gigi)

12674329_10209234246640988_294370889_n 12596215_10209234246600987_1544452984_n 12674566_10209234246720990_1972666688_n

12884604_10209234249521060_156795332_n 12443140_10209234249761066_1400479886_n 12516098_10209234249681064_367485488_n

Gisela Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Ginger)

12516264_10209234249721065_480994833_n 12527708_10209234249401057_590365950_n 12527873_10209234249561061_1828996552_n


12380453_10209234248481034_2096823467_n 12443003_10209234248921045_1833577058_n 12476343_10209234248841043_1896885131_n

Gloria Della Casa Dell’Acquario (Femke)

12516438_10209234248241028_1488298537_n 12476542_10209234248721040_1709135909_n 12421526_10209234245840968_1580030884_n

12884620_10209234248601037_1055508030_n 12834518_10209234248681039_1265935381_n 12834885_10209234248441033_2146827966_n