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Annabel (Alcantara von Laguna Blue) Hispano del Alminar de Daimalos x Raya von Ehra is our op female we bought in Germany 2014 as a puppy. We found this very beautiful lady at a friendly boxerbreeder in Lengerich. Also a boxer with great character and very good health, through her we hope to acheeve more succeses in our breeding plans for the future.

Her pedigree has absolute toppers in it from several European country’s.

Health Annabel; Hart 0 CC Doppler tested; AS 1.95 m/sec, PS 1.73 m/sec Hartrate 103, Aorta 19.2mm.

HD A, Spondy 0.

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Showresults Annabel;

March 22 2015 Special Boxershow Osnabruck(D) Judge Beate Spelsberg (D) youth class very good 3rd place

April 19 205 special boxershow Ahlen (D) Judge Inge Gerwin (D) youth class very good 4 th place

May 30/31 2015 Atibox World boxershow Gelsenkirchen (D) Judge Walter Fiechter (D) Very good

June 6 2015  Boxershow Arslev (DK)  Judge Margot Egeblad (DK) excellent.

June 14 2015 Jahressieger Nederlandse Boxerclub Keurmeester P Roosenboom (B) Very good

June 12 2016 Jahressieger Dutch Boxerclub open class female fawn excellent Judge H Lafleur

june 12 2016 Jahressieger Dutch Boxerclub breedingclass 3rd place excellent Annabel with 4 of her puppy’s

excellent results with impressive reports, a promise to our future!

We are planning a litter in 2016 for info about puppy’s from our kennel please contact us through email or Phone.

Pedigree Annabel  Stamboom Alcantara von Laguna Blue