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We are Ria and Fred Lindsen, we live in the northern part of the Netherlands near de city of Groningen, Fred is a Boxer freak since he was a young kid. When he and Ria met in the early 80’s it didn’t take him long to get Ria infected with this boxer virus as well, (a tip) just give your wife a boxer puppy for her birthday….

After a long time of learning studying it took us till 2007 to start with the kennel and actually we started breeding in 2009 the first litter. The explanation of our kennel name is “Della Casa Dell’Acquario” from Italian means; from the house of the waterman. Fred is an Aquarius, he works as a captain on a ship and when we started the kennel we lived near the water.

Trough our breeding we try to start a complete new boxer line in the Netherlands, that is why we use males and females from several European countries, for us it is very important to breed healthy boxers with great characters and only after that is achieved we look at beauty.

But we must say we are a small breeder, only one or maybe 2 litters per year, in some years we have no litters at all. Our boxers live in our house, in the moment we have 4 three females and one male.

We visited shows all over europe with our boxers in the last 5 years and we can proudly say with good results.

Please enjoy yourselfs checking out our website!

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